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Bad finish

Q: Hey Steve. Yesterday my girlfriend picked up a guitar for me via craigslist. It's a Yamaha Telecaster copy, built like a tank. My plan was to replace the electronics and the plastic nut, get a set up and have a nice cheap tele. Problem is, the previous owner apparently refinished it, or tried to. It's got this really sticky, uneven coating of some kind of furniture lacquer on it. I don't care what it looks like (just looks like bare wood, kind of cool actually), but it's really just not that playable, after a few minutes of noodling my hands will actually get sticky. Is there any hope for this guitar? It's not worth more than $80, so a complete refinish is probably not in the question. Is there any type of polish or sanding job that can make this guitar playable? Or should I just go ahead and try and give it to some other poor sap? Lesson learned, as sweet as she is, I'm not going to have my girlfriend pickup guitars for me anymore.
Thanks!, Doby

A: If you don't care what it looks like, the only problem is "sticky." The only finish that I can think of that would stay sticky is Bulls Eye shellac. Bulls Eye is alcohol soluble. There are also some oil finishes that wouldn't dry. Any way, try various solvents on it. Try stripper on it. You can even scrape it. Once you get the sticky stuff off, you have solved your only complaint. Is it worth refinishing it right? No.

Steve Mason