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Kansas d 130

Q: I have a js Kansas d 130. You are the only one on the whole internet that seems to know anything about these guitars. Mine is the spitting image of a Martin d41. I paid around 500 for the ax probably around 10 years ago. Do you have any more information on these guitars? It plays well, and I have a Martin thinline in it and it sounds great.

I just wonder why no one seems to know about these guitars.. obviously a knockoff but a quality my uneducated estimation it was probably made in the late 70's maybe really early 80's.

A: Thanks, I'll add yours to the data base. Yours is the first D-41 copy that I've heard of. When I researched importing guitars with my name on them, in the early 1990s, from Korea, the minimum order was 200 per model. My guess is that there were never a lot more than 200 JS Kansas guitars. I have no idea exactly how many were imported, and no idea who in Japan made them. I don't know what their rarity adds to their value. Interesting story though.

Steve Mason

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