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Why Guitar Players Spend Half Their Time Tuning?

Hi Steve,
I've not gotten sufficient 'snoot' fixes lately, so I'm glad I read your tuning advice, sure because of its usefulness, but also because I found TWO ERRORS, or rather the same error twice. Snoot, or Snootlet--from David Foster Wallace--a person raised to so revere rigid rules of proper language usage that he/she is helpless to avoid correcting others, which behavior leads to isolation, resentment, and sometimes worse.

To wit: In the second paragraph under the heading "Strings are human too" the writer has twice used the apostrophized contraction "it's" when the writer meant the possessive "its."

Perhaps some writers insert such errors intentionally in order to weed out from their friendship garden any person so insensitive as to call attention to such.
Hope that isn't the case here.
Thanks for the heads-up about the Grace sisters.