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AEDG 12 string
Hello Steve.
You converted over a 12 string guitar for me into a EADG 4x3 in the late 1990s and I would like to know the string gauges so I can replace them! As it sits the strings are about 7 years old and they aren't to be trusted.

         It would be most wonderful if you could bring it in, but Boise is a long walk from here. I wrote up your Tenor Twelve guitar and passed out copies of the paper at festivals and to customers. I find that I don't have any copies left, but I have one mounted on sign board for display. I scanned it for you, and attached the scans. My scanner will only do 8.5" X 11" so, since it is legal length, it took two scans.

         An action set on a good guitar should hold for at least a year. Chances are 100% that you need, at least, a truss rod adjustment. Boise should be thick with luthiers. You should find a good one and take it in. Holding down three strings at once will be very hard if the action is bad. Also guitar strings are good for about a month of average usage. You should probably change them more often than once every seven years.
Steve Mason

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PS, If you ever grow to hate your Tenor Twelve I would be interested in adding it to my collection.