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Martin D-17 truss rod problem

I just got a Martin D-17 acoustic 2002 model all mahogany with a lot of forward neck bow. It looks like the adjusting nut has been broken completely off. I took a small light & looked deep inside and I can see the rod--and some metal on each side. I don't know much about these new Martins. Is there any way to salvage this? Would the Stu Mac recovery truss rod help? There isn't much room to work down there.
Any help or comment would be appreciated.

   A 2002 Martin should adjust with an allen wrench. If the nut is gone it probably took necessary threads with it when it broke off. It is possible that a new nut could be put on, but more likely you need a new truss rod. The Stew Mac truss rod rescue kit only works on Gibson style single rods. You have an over/under style rod. You are probably looking at a truss rod replacement. We take the fingerboard off, pull out the bad rod, fit a new one, re-glue the fingerboard and touch up or refinish the neck. This guitar has a Micarda fingerboard and bridge. Micarda has been used as a bone replacement for nuts and saddles since the 70s. I have never removed a Micarda fingerboard, so I need to do some research. For a regular wood fingerboard, it is $300 worth of work and you will need a n $80 action set and new strings to bring it back to perfect. My understanding is that this guitar has a lifetime warrantee. If you know the original owner, you should pursue that route.

Steve Mason

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