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Hello Steve,

You have answered questions for me in the past and i appreciate your help. I hope you can help me with this next question.
I have a fairly new violin that has a "very" bright A string.  the G and D are mellow and resonate but the A seems to "jump" up in volume and has a slight "nasal" quality with a medium bow stroke. The E string is also okay on tone. I would like a more mellow sound all around. I do not play professional and don't need a lot of volume. The violin is Italian made and has obligato medium strings. Setup appears to be okay. What would you suggest to mellow the A string tone?

Regards, Marvin
An amateur violinist.

    I presume that this happens with fresh strings. If your strings are a year old, your problem could be caused by the strings going bad. It is possible that the problem could be addressed by changing the bridge and/or the sound post. I think a trip to your luthier could be helpful. It would even be worthy to have a few other people play your violin and see if they have the same problem. It could be something wrong with your hearing. Beyond that, your only option is experimenting with different brands of
string. I would start with replacing your Obligato A with a Helicore A (the Helicore will need a fine tuner). I use Evah Pirazzi strings on my violin. It is possible that a whole different set is the answer to your problem. It will be expensive, but experimentation is the only option. Don't rush to judgment. Strings change as they settle in. Each new experimental string
should be played for at least a week. Good Luck.

Steve Mason