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2011 USA Deluxe Stratocaster V-Neck

I'm having an weird issue with my Strat no one seems to be able to answer..
To achieve intonation. I'm having to let my bridge saddles out very far towards the pickup to get rid of the waver.. I have never had to let it out that far before on a guitar, I'm pretty confident of my other setups as well so this is really confusing me..

    The first thing to do is change your strings. If you intentionally switched gauges, intonation adjustment is normal. If you are using your regular brand and gauge, you may just have a bad set, or a few bad strings. The strings may have sat on the store shelf, or in your case, for more than a year. They may have been traumatized while still in the package. D'Addario, GHS, and some others make their own strings. Their strings should be consistent from pack to pack. Ernie Ball and many others buy strings from various manufacturers. You never know what you are going to
get. They are usually fine strings but the gauge may vary slightly.

    The best way to proceed, if new strings don't fix it, is to start from scratch and do a complete action set. Straighten the neck, level round and polish the frets, set the height and slot angle of the nut and saddle, adjust the pick-up heights, and then adjust the string length. If you don't do an action set you will have to presume that it was right, until something changed, making it no longer right. You then have to figure out what changed, and why, and change it back.

Steve Mason