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1964 JB Hutto Montgomery Airlines Guitar Replica

Hello, my name is Conner, I was wondering if I should use 500k mini pots or just the regular size for the volume/tone controls for the authentic look. I'm using a Res-o-glass guitar kit from if that helps with anything.

      Well, I've never had the privilege of working on an original Airline. So I'm afraid that I can't be certain which size of pots those guitars used. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

      In the 50's and 60's mini, "dime-sized" pots were basically the equivalent of the micro-electronics of modern day. But with manufacturing techniques/equipment being more primitive, I'd guess that those mini-pots cost more to produce. So they probably also cost manufactures more to purchase and install in their instruments. Department store guitar lines like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone, Teisco, and Airline aren't know to have used the best quality materials and I'd think that pots and switches would be no exception.

      I'd use standard sized CTS pots. They're solid, well made pots with tight tolerances and they fit in everything. They're also plentiful, any good shop should have dozens on hand because they're the only thing worth buying. But if for no other reason, you should use standard-sized pots because they're bodies are large enough to solder capacitors, negative leads and bridge ground wires to and still have a clear view of the pot's code and value stamp. Bonus!

Dan Corwin
Luthier for Steve Mason

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