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Original Timber creek bridge pin

Hello Steve,
I was wondering if by far chance, that you might have a pin in your 'bit' box similar to the one in the photos... Seems the type without collars/skirts are hard to find new.

Similar I've got. I've never seen that exact pin before. They seem to be plastic? They are very much like the pins that were made for Mossman in Germany, but not close enough to replace just one pin. It is possible that Mossman got a batch of pins after I moved to Lawrence. And it is possible that none of them ever came through my shop. Another possibility is that those pins are not original. Another possibility is that it is an artifact of the photo process that makes them look unfamiliar. In any case, you can replace strings, frets, bridge pins, nuts and saddles without threatening your guitar's collectors value. These are considered set up items. You can add a heel pin and even a pickup without angering most collectors. Collectors like to see the original tuners, finish and all wood parts and binding as they were when they left the factory.

The similarity they have with the German pins is that they are both annoyingly short. Most plastic pins have a casting line that runs vertically so that it makes a line across the top of the pin. Yours are a more complex casting. The casting line runs horizontally around the pin head. Continue your search, these might be Korean or Japanese pins, you might get lucky, but, if you want your pins to match, I think you will have to replace them all.
Good luck,
Steve Mason

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Thank you for replying, are you saying you have something similar? Yes, these pins are short. Do you have similar with 3mm abolone inlay? I am willing to take 6 matching pins as replacement, only I like the collarless/skirtless type, they sit lower and look nicer. Do you by chance have a photo or a link to the pins you refer to? I am considering an alternative to plastic but the type I want are rare and I may have to modify or even ask someone to copy lathe mine from scratch... tricky and maybe expensive. If you have pics please send and I will check the "furriners".
Thanks again Steve and co.,