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Question on a guitar

Q: I am thinking about putting binding on my tele.. How much would this set me back.
Thanks Dave

A: The edges of your Tele are not square. Hence, the binding would have to be very thick to make a "bindingly" looking edge. It would be very difficult cutting a binding rabit without wrecking the finish. Hence, the body would need to be refinished. Refinishing a stringed instrument properly is very expensive and it wrecks it's collector value. There are Teles that were bound at the Fender factory. I would advise shopping for one of those and spending your money making it's adjustments match this one that you are so happy with.
        The only reasonable way to approach this project is to buy a precut body blank from one of the myriad of companies that sell them. Maybe you could find one on which the edges had not yet been rounded. You could mess with the shape, put herringbone on it, whatever you want. It would still be very expensive but it would make more sense.
        My best advise is don't do it. I still have nightmares about a very old Fender Esquire that I found at a pawnshop in the late 60s for $100. I planed the body down about 3/16" and put a Honduras Mahogany top on it. I then put an SG wiring yoke through from the back and installed a pair of Humbuckers. I refinished it clear. I have no idea what I did with the original wiring and pickup. It looked like a cross between an SG and a Tele. It was cool. I sold it and doubled my money. I shudder to think what it would be worth now in all original condition. There is no way to predict the collector market 40 years from now, and chances are that your Tele will never be a true national treasure,  but we are talking $800-$1200 to get this job done in a luthiers shop. That amount, plus trading in your old Tele, should get one that you would like better.
Steve Mason

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