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Just bought me a new epiphone EJ 200

Q: When I press (hit the back of the guitar with one finger) it sounds a little cracked at one side.
I think it´s a laminated maple back - could it be that the laminated layers are separated in some way.
Should I sell it back for another one - or is it okay !?


A: You need to look inside the guitar. Use lots of light. Christmas tree lights work well. Mirrors help you see the areas not near the soundhole. Push on the back and watch for a cracked, or unglued, brace. The crack will open and close as you press on it. If there is no crack, you may have something wrong with the laminations. Whatever is wrong with it, your music store should fix it to your satisfaction or give you another guitar. Bad laminations are very rare. My guess is that you will find a problem with the braces. Or maybe you have a cracked finger. Do other things make the same sound when you push on them?

Steve Mason

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