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Les Paul finish

Hi, My les Paul has a really sticky neck, is there any way I can improve it, polished it to death, should I sand it with wet/dry paper, keep my hands clean. Will it get better with time.
Many thanks,

A: It is possible that, it being a Gibson, there is something chemically wrong with the finish. If it is an old guitar the finish will not improve with age. If it is a new guitar send it back.  Replacing the finish on that guitar, properly, would be very expensive. I have seen old Gibson finishes get sticky when they get wet (for example: when steaming the neck off or washing off excess glue).  If this is the case the finish could reharden as it dries. Your problem could be a build up of polish that could be wiped off with mineral spirits. Your problem could be your finish reacting with plasticizers in polish or in vinyl guitar straps. Anything involving wood is quick and logical. Anything involving finish tends toward the mystical realm. You can mix your finish exactly the same way every time and once in a while it will come out completely differently. Try mineral spirits to remove non water soluble gunk and a damp rag to remove water soluble gunk. Search your house for sticky toddlers playing your guitar while you aren't looking. If that doesn't cure it you will need professional help.
Steve Mason

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