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Bone nut / Fret job

Q: Would I have a problem spraying nitrocelluose lacquer over an existing factory urathane finish,on a head stock?
     Thanks again, Dave

A: It's hard to even get urethane finish to stick to dry urethane finish. Anything is possible, lacquer is as likely to stick as anything. Try roughing it up with 220 grit or even 180, to help give the new finish a place to bite. It would be best to go down to bare wood and start over. If you have a bad bond between layers of finish on the peghead, the layers will delaminate and bubble where they are stressed by the tuners.

     Nitrocellulose is solids floating around in thinner. As the thinner evaporates the solids clump together and give you a finish. If you ever need to repair the finish you just refloat the solids in thinner and patch away. Urethane is A and B epoxies floating in thinner. As the thinner evaporates the As and Bs find each other and form a bullet proof bond that will never refloat, and is not soluble in anything. Superglue will stick to urethane and can be used for very small repairs, like finish cracks and dents. Overlaying a peghead with superglue would work, but it would be tricky, sticky and expensive.

Steve Mason

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